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    Toast 14 Crashes On Every Burn

    A Mac will burn CDs, but DVDs are a different story. I am finding with El Capitan [Apple's old software] iDVD (v7.1.2 2010) will burn DVDs. I have found like this thread is saying that T14 crashes in may ways - software hangs after burn, Disk fails to burn, the Drive Reported and Error: Sense Key=medium Error etc., menu fails to burn (reported). Also, I have had success burning HD video and BD video disks (menus are not burning for me but the disk will launch in my player) and I have created a few coasters in the process. My success comes when nothing else is running while encoding (DVD/BD) and only if I create a BD image first - i.e. don't encode and burn in the first try. Search for this pdf on the web it may help you, it helped me - Your Easy Guide to Burning Blu-Ray Video Discs on Your Mac From OWC.pdf For DVDs I really like "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate." It is fast, reliable, and has many themes. Unfortunately it doesn't burn Blu Ray disks. Roxio is a little better at producing a HD DVD on a DL Disk, but Roxio takes forever to create the disk.
  2. Tomk325

    Useful Manual For Mydvd

    I found this guide from OWC helpful. It is written around Toast 11 but applies to Toast 14 as well. http://eshop.macsales.com/articles/howto-burn-bluray-toast
  3. Tomk325

    Switching From Idvd To Toast

    Apple hasn't supported iDVD since 2010 but I was happy to read this thread. I just checked my copy and iDVD works just fine with El Capitan. I glad I kept it as I migrated between computers and laptops.
  4. Tomk325

    Toast 14 No Hevc Convert Support

    You can get HEVC (H.265) encoding with Handbrake. I am using version Version 0.10.2 x86_64 (2015061100). Unfortunately this codec is NOT supported by iTunes and until it is compatible I am sticking with H.264. Check out this article: http://itunesky.com/add-h265-video-to-itunes/
  5. Tomk325

    Background Image Is Not Burning

    I can successfully load a jpg into the customized menu by the drag and drop method. When I burn the HD DVD I get a black background and a black box with the highlight color I selected green but I get yellow (the default). Not even the name of the disk I gave it (Text color Red). What am I doing wrong? I am using a MacPro (early 2009).