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  1. I bought a dell inspiron desktop last year and was going to buy a hp but the dell had a bigger hd and a little more ram and was cheaper. well... to my dismay I have been using my old windows xp 3 's to burn my dvds and all my music with for years and went to install it into my new dell. I knew it had dvd burning software in the dell already and didnt know it was roxio because dell doesnt even give you a manual in print anyore just a pdf file your supposed to read to learn how to use a new OS and all its gfeatures from. and I found out by looking into my c drives program files the installed software is roxio. I used roxio before when I had my 1 st pc and liked it to burn music with and turn my old lp's into mp3's with but as far as video burning it would only burn an mpeg file into a dvd or vcd . then I bought nero and WOW... it did everything roxio doesnt. Roxio doesnt make chapters in the dvds it mkaes its just 1 big file you can go back and watch a part you missed and I ried installing Roxios basic software package roxio easy cd&dvd burning into another pc and had nothing but trouble with it. when I discovered nero wont run in a dell I went to staples and bought a copy or roxio easy cd& dvd burning software. it is the same junk thats in my dell and gave me all the problems with. so I am returning the software asap. and going to either get another pc with an OS that will run NERO or buy an old xp and instal my nero into that to do all my burning I have a least 4 dvd burning drives lying around from other pc's I built and ran into the ground and saved the good parts to use as spares. so... basically what Im saying is roxio's only product that does any of the good stuff like nero does is this nxt software for over $150.00 a pop. instead of using roxio do yourself a favor and buy a pc that will run NERO software . roxio is still as bad service wise as far from what Ive read in these forums and posts as it was 12-15 yrs ago. as far as video buring goes. its vey limited in what it can do and the good software cost alot. I wish I had bought the better pc and could run nero in it instead of being stuck with roxio. sometimes buying what you think is a better deal isnt a good idea spend a little more $ and get something that will run nero. I pity all you Roxio users. when I tried to install my nero into my dell it said this software is known to cause problems with this OS and there is no solution. . so buy a pc that can run nero and you will have much better luck.