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  1. I burned an audio CD. Toast placed 22 .aiff CD song tracks on the CD, named, "1 Track 01", "2 Track 02", etc. When I play it on my new (2018) SONY CD/DVD player, all the tracks play just fine, but after it starts playing, I cannot manually skip from one track to another with the "Play" (forward arrow) button. It will only play all the tracks in sequence - there's no way to advance to any particular track. However, when played using iTunes on my Mac and PC, the "Play" (forward arrow) buttons work just fine, skipping me through the tracks to any desired track. Is there some burn setting in Toast that I may have missed, or is this a question for SONY? (Wish me luck!)
  2. guitar-picker

    Toast 7 Titanium Audio Cds Won't Play In My Dvd Player-Why?

    The problem resolved by purchasing a new CD/DVD player.
  3. As an aspiring guitar-picker, I've used Toast Titanium 7 for years on my Mac to successfully burn and play dozens of audio CDs in my car and on my friends' home and vehicle CD players, but recently I discovered to my surprise that at least one home audio machine, a Philips DV900VHS (Digital Video Disc Player & Video Cassette Recorder), will NOT play my Toast-authored audio CDs... it displays "Loading..." then the word 'Loading' disappears and nothing happens. The Philips machine plays all my commercially-purchased music CDs just fine, but it won't play any audio CDs that I burn with Toast 7 Titanium (containing standard, unencrypted, un-compressed .aiff files.) Is there anything I can do, with Toast 7 Titanium, to make it burn an audio CD that will be recognized by the Philips machine? As mentioned above, these problemmatical audio CDs still play just fine in my car and on my friends' home audio systems. I wondered if there's some problem involving region coding of the audio...I'm in the USA, and my Philips machine was made for the USA market and successfully plays all CDs I've ever bought in the USA...but I don't see any burn settings in Toast 7 asking for my 'region code'....
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    Toast 7 Titanium Audio Cds Won't Play In My Dvd Player-Why?

    Thanks, OldArchiver - i'll try your suggestions & post back if the problem resolves.