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  1. Maurice Kelly

    Did I Miss Something ?

    I have used Toast 12, 15 with the BluRay plugin and now just purchased 16 Pro to burn BluRay...for only one reason and this update didn't fix it... I use the latest version of Final Cut Pro and use the chapter marker function to place markers on my timeline...This function works perfectly when I burn a DVD and they line up...however, when I burn the high def files to BluRay, two things strange happen...First, the markers NEVER line up and secondly, there are many more chapter markers than I initially created. When burning either DVD or BluRay, I leave the button on Auto and again, it works fine as a DVD...but BluRay is simply a mess !!! Finally, it says it puts the titles underneath the chapter images but I have never gotten that to work. To be honest, I have yet to find any software that looks as elegant as the original Mac DVD burning software but of course Apple abandoned all of that long ago and I have been searching for a third party solution that looks that good for years now. Like I originally said....Am I missing something or doing something wrong as I am tired of this software not delivering what it promises ! Obviously, I wasted my money on the upgrade and will never upgrade again after already doing it twice.
  2. Maurice Kelly

    Fcp Issues With Toast 12

    Using Roxio Toast 12.1 to burn DVD and Blu Ray on a Mac...It works BUT.... 1. When inputing chapter marks in FCP, only the picture icons of the chapter show up...Not the text I typed in...Is there a setting that allows the actual inputted text to show up in the chapters ? 2. Another chapter issue in FCP but this refers to burning Blu Ray....When burning a Blu Ray, the same issues with seeing the text inputted at the chapter marks occurs AND the final disc has many more chapter marks in it than the ones created for no apparent reason. I am leaving the chapter marks menu on "Automatic" 3. Finally, I'm looking at the new Toast 14 and wonder if it has the same issues ? no need to spend $99 for the same thing in my opinion. Thanks for any input as this is a big part of what I do and I would like more control.