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  1. Thank you--I had & I should have mentioned that I had tried several of the suggestions w/o success. I finally have had success--looks like I was doing a Force Quit too soon. It takes about 2 minutes before Toast 14 fully loads and the dialogue screen shows up. I then had the option to do the update to 14.1, which I did and I just successfully burned a CD. GOOD NEWS: Burning the CD was much faster than with the previous version. I burned a data CD at 11x speed. BAD NEWS: Toast 14.1 still takes a good 2 minutes or so to launch. I think that's rather ridiculous with my machine (Mac Pro late 2013 with 16 gigs RAM running El Capitan 10.11.2). I also see throughout all the forums a recurring complaint about poor customer service from Roxio or else no customer service. Hopefully a future 14.2 will address the slow launch time. Happy holidays, Amy
  2. I just upgraded my late 2013 Mac Pro to El Capitan today (10.11.2). It seemed to install fine, but I cannot get it to launch--it just sits there with the spinning beachball of death. All I can do is Force Quit & then it wants to send an error report to Apple. I uninstalled Toast 14, reinstalled it & rebooted but still no success. Is there an issue with Toast 14 running under the latest version/update of the Mac OS? Is there a fix in the works? Thanks,