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  1. I did all of that. This is Creator NXT 4 Pro. First installed yesterday. On the initial install I accepted the Check for updates. It said the update failed because the program was not installed or the wrong version, twice. I closed both windows and got a finished. When I did Help About it shows SP1. I uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing. Only way I can get to where it asks to Repair is from Control Panel Programs and features. I have no folders on the desktop and the Browse for Folders dialog box only shows Desktop, nothing else, no drop downs or anything else. Win 10 Pro, Intel i7-4770K using the built in graphics.
  2. Windows 10 Pro, build 10586 same problem, Browse for folder broken, settings are correct as per above. No choices other than one folder on my desktop.
  3. Missed that somehow, Thanks.
  4. All of the online information indicates you can do Blu-Ray. No where do I see mention of it being extra, especially in Pro. False advertising? I just may ask for a refund. It was $7.99 in my case.