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    Did They Stop Supporting The Roxio? So Many Issues

    What if i was just the average consumer tho and didn't know much about computers 2 or 3 attempts would be very hard with all these steps you've listed for something that should be a plug and play and have fun. I just put in a order for an elgato im sorry but i will not be recommending roxio to my 100k plus fans anymore
  2. Callmebigfat

    Did They Stop Supporting The Roxio? So Many Issues

    My laptop monitor is the 4k screen, My setup is gtx 980m ,16gb ram, i7-4710HQ (i dont think my specs are an issue i also have a actual gtx 980 i can attach to my laptop (alienware graphics amplifier i still get the issue) , the roxio software is installed on my ssd if that matters. I did try your solution it has not worked sadly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ive noticed it connects and disconnects its self after a while too, like the drivers are messed up but its getting read as roxio not transcoder.
  3. Ive ran into tons and tons of issues, ive gotten a 4k screen (the software does NOT work well with my screen but i manage) And now im getting a blue screen of death ive done all the steps ive uninstalled and reinstalled and didn't plug in the roxio until it was complete. Im getting a kernel issue, and sometimes other things its been happening more and more now,Any help would be great every time i start up the software it makes my alienware lights fade on and off ( im aware of the issues with alienware and roxio) it seems like everytime the usb is connected to quickly and disconnects while its still in the system makes it crash. Please help me out im tired of hearing crap from my buddies who use Elgatos! I stick up for Roxio!