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    Dvds Unreadable

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried repeatedly with just 40 minutes of video; same results -- the resulting DVD can't be read by a DVD player or by the computer.
  2. Avocat

    Dvds Unreadable

    The DVDs I burn with this program are unreadable by a DVD player or by a computer. I recently purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and installed it on my old desktop PC: Gateway DX4840, RAM 8 GB, Intel Core i3 CPU, Windows 10 Home v. 1511. I installed Roxio's Windows 10 patch update. Windows 10 itself updated automatically last night. The Roxio capture hardware is attached correctly, and I capture old family VHS videos just fine. They appear on my hard drive as MPG files, and I can view those files with Windows MediaPlayer. But I want to clean them up and burn them to DVDs as gifts. Using the Record, Edit and Save option in the Roxio program, I started a project with four video clips, adding up to 1 hour and 40 minutes of content. I succeeded in trimming, stabilizing, and denoising, which improved the video output noticeably on preview. I added titles. So far, so good. Then, I chose the DVD option and exported the project to a fresh Verbatim DVD. It took about four hours to finish. (Is that normal?). The finished DVD won't play. The Sony DVD/VHS player says there's a disc error. (It plays other DVDs without a problem.) The finished DVD also won't play on the computer. The finished DVD has folders labelled ROXIOPLASMA and VIDEO_TS. The latter has .vob, .bup., and .ifo files. The .vob files are large enough to represent the four video clips. They don't play in Windows MediaPlayer. I've tried the same steps multiple times, on fresh DVDs. Same results. Is this a Windows 10 problem? Anyone else experiencing difficulties like this? Roxio's live tech support center is closed for the holiday. Any suggestions?