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    Clip Audio Fade In Problem

    This is still a problem with VideoWave in NXT 4. I have tried reducing the fade time to the minimum of 0.1 seconds. That means there is still a 0.2 second total lull in the music around a cut, and it still sounds like crap.
  2. Dammit, I posted three different topics in this forum and they are now all appearing under the same topic, as replies to my first topic. I clearly started new topics each time, because I remember filling out the Topic Title and the Topic Tags. Get it together!
  3. I get an out-of-memory error when starting to burn a DVD in a new project. If I close the same project and reopen it, I can then burn the project. I am running on a Windows 7 machine with 4GB RAM, with all other non-necessary processes killed. There were over 2 GB available memory when I started the burn, but MyDVD was holding onto 465 MB of it. This was probably due to the previous project which I had burned. However, I had opened a new project, and it was still taking all that memory.
  4. When I add media to the DVD, it recalculates the remaining space, but when I remove it, it does not recalculate it. So I continue to add media files until I have gone over the space limit, and then I need to restart my project over completely in order to get under the limit. This interface is so buggy and nearly unuseable. MyDVD_Recalculate_Problem_20151226_1044.zip
  5. Multiverse

    Text Editing In 'my Dvd'

    There is more text editing capability in this forum than there is in the DVD creator menu. The text fonts are UGLY! Also, it took forever to figure out how to edit the main title, because the default position of it was off screen. I had to write an extremely long title before I could even see the tail end of it so I could grab and move it. Furthermore, the color was white on an off-white background. I had to add my own background image just to see the title text. So the themes provided are pretty useless if you cannot edit the text fonts, etc.