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    Roxio Photo Show

    Thanks Digital Guru!! I think your suggestion is right on. One minor glitch so far but think I can work around it. I started at 001 up to 100. When photo show imported the picts it did great until it got to 029 then it jumped to 070 thru 076 ( I only had 6 pics in the 70's) then it started at 030 and continued on in the correct numbering sequence skipping over the 070 sequence after 069 and went on to 080 thru 100. Once again many thanks for the suggestion. I have a little over 7000 pics to work on so I have plenty to do. Of course the are organized in over 310 Directories .
  2. jbahr

    Roxio Photo Show

    Is there some way to get Roxio Photo Show to import pics just by file name and by a number in sequence? I have the names start with a number and right now it imports 1 then 10 then 100 then 101 When it finishes with the 100 list which is 109 then it start at 11 then 61 thru 63 then 12 thru 49 then 5 then the 50's etc. I have the pics start with a number then a space and file name. The number represents the order in which I would like them to load/display.
  3. How can I Import Pictures without the date being used