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  1. Hi Everyone! Is there an option to force "Screen Capture" recording to continue even when the active window is motionless? That is, let me decide when to stop a recording? NXT4 Videos/Movies - Import - "Record your Screen" - "Screen Capture" (In an application window) works great as long there is motion in the window, but recording stops when there are several seconds of non-motion. My work-around is to keep tabs in the recording window active with mouse-clicks, but, is a bit tedious. Thanks in advance
  2. Interesting question, about what applications are running: None but a browser and the recording app. Tried both the Microsoft IE browser and google Chrome: Same terminate-too-soon results. And, recorded youtube video: With the bottom moving-red-slider hidden: Same terminate-too-soon results. With the moving-red slider visible, the Roxio recording works great. But, I do not want to record that moving-red slider. Tony
  3. Hi again. Digital Guru, thank you for commenting on my question. Windows 7 SP 1 clarification . . . While recording a CSPAN video playing in a screen, using "Screen Capture," at times audio is playing while the screen is motionless. When that screen-motionless happens, the video/sound capture stops but the Screen Capture recording pretends to continue recording. It is at playback of the captured recording that it is clear the the recording terminated too soon. (Same results using other web sites.) And, true, have no options to force recording through video pauses. Windows 10 clarification . . . Have an older Dell Inspiration 660S desktop @ Windows 10 connected to a TV for displaying slide shows. Loaded Creator NXT4 on the Windows 10 Dell to see if NXT4 behaves the same: Yes it does. Thanks in advance, Tony