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  1. ham_ward

    Dvd To Vhs

    is it possible to use this to record a DVD onto a VHS?
  2. ham_ward

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Installer No Cd?

    i just wanted the home movies digitized so i could put them on dvd if i needed to or just watch them from my computer and stream to the tv.
  3. ham_ward

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Installer No Cd?

    i had assumed the video would be put onto my computer and then i could do with it what i pleased, as in put it on a dvd or just watch it on my computer
  4. ham_ward

    Vhs To Dvd 3 Installer No Cd?

    they dont' have a place where you can download it from their site once it's been registered? that seems a little off to me.
  5. Is there a way to install the program without the CD? I just bought the product and have it registered and would prefer to just download the installer instead of needing to buy a CD drive for the computer, since mine doesn't have one.