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  1. I want to do some live commentaries on my youtube channel. back on xbox 360 there was an option to play the in game voice thru both speakers and headset so that my pvr would record other players voices. Is there a way to get the roxio hd pro to record other players voices in game chat or party chat with out unplugging my astro a40s from my controller?
  2. It says it WAV but when I click add music and click the file it says the file cant be edited and wont add it.
  3. But while I have your attention. I tried using an instrumental I have in iTunes and it wouldn't let me import it into videowave. are there only certain types of audio files that I can use in videowave?
  4. So I bought a new mic (blue snowball) and everything seems to be working now. the voice thru the new mic sounds great. thanks for all the help
  5. Ive tried everything. I messed around with the volume after recording voice and got it to be louder but the quality is terrible. I'm about to head to bestbuy and buy a new mic and see if that works. Ive never had a problem using my headset as a mic but we'll see.
  6. Ok. Ill give that a shot when i get home. Usually i capture on my laptop and transfer it over to my Macbook and use the iMovie app to do editing and i use my Astro a40 Headset as a mic, and ive never had any issues. Now im trying to use my desktop and use the videowave software and im still using the headset and ive been having the aforementioned problem. But i mess around with the volume mixer when i get home and let you know. Thanks
  7. Just tried again with the volume turned all the way up and you can hear it, but barely. Its extremely muffled.
  8. Im trying to use the videowave to edit a commentary for my channel. I usually use my astro a40 headset as a mic. I plugged in the headset and hit the microphone icon in videowave. when the Narration window pops up i hit record and then start talking. After i hit stop and try to listen to it, it shows the audio clip in the editing section but when the video plays over that part there is no sound. All i hear is the gameplay, no voice over. How do i fix this?
  9. PyroXL

    Audio Lag After Uploading To Youtube

    This product has so many problems. But my main issue is that I uploaded a video to youtube and there is some major lag on the audio. in the video you can see the gun fire and the enemy die and then a full second later you hear the sound effects of the gun firing. I need to know how to fix this. Also if I open a video in videowave I can edit it fine. But when I try to add to it by clicking "add photo/video" a box pops up saying something like "videowave encountered a problem" and it force closes. then I open it back up and click work on previous project. it opens with the first edited section already there. and I click add video and then it works.
  10. PyroXL

    Audio Lag After Uploading To Youtube

    I uploaded a video to youtube and the game audio is lagging. you see the gun fire and the enemy die and then you hear the gun fire afterwards. how do I fix this?