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  1. OK - finally found time to try again Saturday (today) morning...captured a VCR family video (same one I've been testing on) which happens to be a one hour and 20 minute VHS tape recorded, I believe, on standard mode. Captured the first 60 minutes in the ‘record edit and save ...then the last 20 minutes using the same mode but in a 'new project', which of course saved a second captured video clip. So far so good. Now I click the ‘ready to export’ button, I select DVD (I have a 4 GB -R disc in the recorder/burner, I type in the title, I select a menu, I leave the format a at the old-fashioned 4:5, & the **instant** I click the ‘Burn’ button a Roxio message box opens up, states ‘Adjust trim points’… and simultaneously indicates '100% complete'. Unfortunately nothing has happened since that message two hours ago. I click to close that message box… it grays out, & still nothing happens: it will not close. Neither can I shut down the Roxio application: I get an error message indicating: “The current project cannot be closed right now”. Once again I am almost done burning a DVD of 60 minutes of family video, but stuck in a nonfunctioning state. Has anyone encountered this issue? If so was it resolved and how? Are we all subject to ‘OTJ training’ or does Roxio support actually interact with us?
  2. Thanks Digital Guru - I did get a successful 20 min VHS to DVD conversion in 'Record, Edit, Save' mode after reading all the above input, so it looks as tho' SP# even with anti-virus, firewall etc on allowed Roxio sw to work. Now I'll try a full 2-hr VHS cassette using the same mode & span 2 DVD's. The 20 min one I got done today actually played (after burning) on my Blu-Ray player so the disc produced will actually be useful on something other than the new burne. Perhaps there is hop after all. If this continues to look promising, I will return the $80 Sanyo VCR/DVD combo unit I bought before the Holidays as one of my 3 evals. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, sknis, for cutting out my email...should've known better. Thanks cd for your input. I have the i7 465U CPU @ 1.7 GHz, 8GB RAM/256GB disk module (back in June, it was the 2nd from 'the top" available). Does the SP# possibly have graphics processing capabilities that would fall short working with this Roxio SW? I'll contact Roxio Monday to see if they respond. Unfortunately I do not have another PC to test on. And thanks Digital Guru for your insights. I chose the Record only mode because I thought it'd introduce less options/variables that might get in the way...but now that it's failed (even w/ my brand-new-bought-yesterday LG DVD writer) I will try the Edit/Export mode. I went with the whole 2 hours option because my 2nd test (with old, OLD DVD MovieWriter - hp) never "Finished" ....that's why I bought the new LG DVD burner: trying to eliminate 'weak link' possibilities) I reduced to 30 minutes only but "Finished" never completed either.. I Recorded-only last night & it went into Finishing mode at 10PM...at 11 AM ET this morning it still hadn't finished. I read the finishing process normally takes longer if you record only part of the DVD...but even the 30-min recording never Finished, which is why I went back to doing the whole 2 hours. Haven't tried the 'span mltpl discs' yet but will try that out after my 4th test, which will be 15 minutes in 'Record, Edit, Save' mode , again on the new LG burner. Wish me luck. -
  4. I have a Surface Pro 3 with everything up to date. Using an outboard DVD burner connected via USB 2. I did a "Direct to DVD" function on a family-recorded VHS cassette that has 2 hours of video (full) on it. I tested by setting up Roxio VHS-to-DVD3+ to record only the 1st 30 minutes...everything went according to expectations up to that point. At 3pm yesterday the 'finalization" (burn?) process started on the 4.7GB DVD-R disc. At 5pm it was still "finalizing", same at midnight last night, same this morning at 8am. Please help me troubleshoot? I cannot stop the process or eject the DVD as I continue to get a message when I try this that "Cannot stop until finalization is complete" What am I doing wrong or what is the software doing wrong & how can I avoid it on my next test. This is one of 3 solutions I am evaluating for the conversion of dozens of hours of family VHS & Hi8 tapes. Unless I can fix this issue, I will soon be evaluating only 2. Please help via this forum or email directly at (e-mail deleted)Thanks & Happy New Year!