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    Question About Bluray Plug In

    I just installed an update of Toast 14 and noticed that it states that the program will author DVDs able to play on a MAC or PC, nothing is mentioned about playing the DVDs on a set top DVD player. I have been having major issues with cropping when attempting playback on a set top DVD player, so maybe it is not even a viable option? My question is this-has anyone had any luck using the BluRay plug in to author and playback an SD DVD on a standard (no BluRay) set top DVD Player?
  2. MaBelle

    Question About Bluray Plug In

    The sides, top and bottom are cropped. The video displays correctly on Mac and PC when authored in any format. Thanks for any ideas as to the cause/cure.
  3. MaBelle

    Question About Bluray Plug In

    By cropping I mean that part of the video display is cut off. I posted in this forum because I am attempting to find a solution to my issue and was wondering if using the BluRay plug in to burn an SD DVD would help to solve this cropping issue.
  4. MaBelle

    Question About Bluray Plug In

    I'm using a set top DVD player-not BluRay player. I have tried authoring in Automatic, 4:3 and 16:9, all with the same result (cropping when played back on set top DVD player). TV is a brand new samsung, I've tried on multiple DVD players and an Xbox 1, all resulting in the same cropping issue. Original files are MPEG-4, 1280 x 720 I plan to distribute this DVD so how can I make it as broadly playable as possible? It plays fine on Mac and PC, just not on set top DVD players.
  5. MaBelle

    Missing Udf

    UDF-Different burning softwares use different formats which are many a times incompatible with other formats, which means that a CD/DVD burnt in a particular format might not be readable in a system using a different format. UDF or Universal Drive Format is a format readable by all formats or systems. To put it simply, it does not have a compatibility issue with any formats and is readable throughout. I don't have an answer to your UDF issue, I remember reading something about adjusting the IFO. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem. I'm wondering if your DVDs play correctly on a set top (stand alone) DVD player. I've had terrible issues with video displaying fine on Mac or PC, but then cropping when played on a DVD player. My DVD is also created from MPEG-4 files.
  6. MaBelle

    Question About Bluray Plug In

    I'm not using the plugin now. I'm using Toast 14 without plugin and am experiencing major cropping during playback on set top DVD player. Works fine on Mac or PC. I was wondering if purchasing and using the plugin would in some way help to solve this cropping issue. I've tried adjusting the display settings on both the multiple set top players I have tested and on the TV, but no luck, still cropping image. Any suggestions?
  7. MaBelle

    Question About Bluray Plug In

    I'm not having any issues burning the DVDs and they playback fine on my Mac or PC, but the image is cropped when played back on set top box. I'm not seeing where is states the DVDs will playback on a standard set top box on the website or anywhere else. It mentions bluray players, but not standard set top DVD players. Has anyone had any experience using the blurry plugin to author SD DVDs and playing them back on a standard set top DVD player?
  8. MaBelle

    Dvd Image Cropped On Playback

    Hi, Just purchased Toast 14. I am authoring DVDs, source video is 1280 x 720 .mp4 files. The display is correct when played back on my Mac or PC, but severely cropped when played back on a DVD player connected to a wide screen TV. I am using automatic aspect ratio setting and burning DVD at best quality. I have tried all combinations of aspect ratio settings, automatic, standard and widescreen with the same result. I have tried a few different DVD players, they all recognize and play the DVDs, but all crop the display. I have adjusted the display settings on the DVD players and the TV as mentioned on this forum but that does not solve the issue. All the DVD players I am using are at least 6 years old...could this be the issue? I read the post about changing the IFO settings but am not sure if this will solve my issue. I'm hoping there is an easier solution/answer to this issue. I am authoring a set of 30 DVDs which will be distributed to a an audience with a variety of types of players, so I'm attempting to make the playback as user friendly as possible. I recently made the switch from iDVD where I did not experience this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I see that this topic has been addressed in the past few months and am hoping there is a solution or clear answer.