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  1. Just to let everyone know I too had the tearing problem with VCR tapes and the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I tried multiple different PC's and different VCR's and even did the VCR pass through and it would still have the same results with the tearing. What's interesting is I was able to convert about 30 8MM analog tapes with the 8MM camcorder connected to the Roxio and it worked perfectly but when I connected VCR's it was a mess. So I ended up using an older USB Hauppauge WINTV PVR2 and when I connected the VCR over coax and used the BeyondTV software to tune to channel 4 everything worked perfectly. So by this I knew it wasn't a problem with the VCR's players or the VCR tapes but it has something to do with the way the Roxio USB device or software handles tracking on the VCR. Whenever the VCR has the track to correct the tracking the Roxio just draws the tearing at the tops of the video whereas any other video converter I have tried is able to handle tracking just fine. Because of this I would NOT recommend the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus if you want to convert VCR tapes. Thanks
  2. Digital Guru, I installed the Roxio software on another PC and was able to record the entire 2 hour video perfectly this time. I will try the repair on the other computer and see if that solves the issue. Thanks again!
  3. Thank You Digital Guru for all of your help in testing it for me. I will follow your steps and see if it makes any difference or not. Does anyone have any open source capturing software that they have tried as an alternative to the Roxio software?
  4. I have 2 hour VHS / 8MM videos that are 120 minutes. I want to capture the entire 2 hours so I set the recording time to stop at 2 hours. When its finished and I look at the output video which is 5GB in size and play the video it doesn't contain the entire 2 hour video but only the last 1.5 hours and the beginning of the video is gone. Its as if it has looped the video and started overwriting it due to the long video. Could there be a file size limit such as 4GB and when the file size limit is reached its overwriting the beginning of the video file? I know the software will auto stop whenever it detects a pause in the video but this doesn't appear to be what is going on. I just want to record the entire 120 minute video and the edit it out later and not have to babysit and start/stop the capture. I could probably try recording 1 hour at a time but I wanted to see if anyone else ran into this issue? To explain the issue another way when you play the video it starts playing at about 45 minutes into the video and the first 45 minutes are gone for no reason. Thank You