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  1. Hello Jim. Thank you for the reply. So, I can't split a DVD into several CD's? That's disappointing. I am working on a project that provided me with several older PC's. I am re-purposing these systems by installing Ubuntu on them. The majority of them have DVD players, but a few only have CD players, hence an installation DVD will not work on these systems. My only download options are DVD ISO images, no CD images. I can unzip the DVD ISO image to the hard drive of my system and I was hoping that by having the available files, I could Roxio to create CD sized ISO images. I don't know how many CD's I need, just however many it takes. I was hoping that I would be able to use Roxio split this up, but apparently I'll have to keep looking for a solution. Thank you very much Jim. I appreciate the help. Daryl
  2. I need to split up a DVD image into multiple CD ISO images. I extracted the DVD ISO and have the files on my hard drive. I tried using Easy CD and DVD Burning to create a new ISO image. I thought that I I selected the Save type as CD ISO Image, that it would automatically split the files into multiple CD sized images, but it didn't. It created a 2.9GB image, which I already have. Is there an option somewhere that will force the creation of multiple CD ISO images? Thanks Daryl