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  1. Anyone else had problems with NXT3 Pro and its inability to produce a slideshow? I've owned Roxio programmes for as long as I've had a PC and used it successfully, to produce slideshows, until I bought and installed NXT3. I've burnt so many coasters that I never have a problems with placing a hot coffee mug!! It keeps merging slides, if you apply a transition, any transition, the previous image remains as a ghost and the new slide appears over it, so its totally unwatchable. After being palmed off by various support technicians, they eventually admitted there was a problem and "engineering" were sorting it!! Well that was in August, since then no contact, if I raise a case complaining, its closed off as "no action" they are just not interested, no one is bothered and no one apparently has any interest in good, old fashioned, customer service. Interestingly enough, I tried Nero, which worked faultlessly. If it wasn't for the interface, I would accept their upgrade offer, but why, in this day and age does a company like Corel/Roxio, produce a programme with errors and then don't want to fix!! I also question the customer service, no one gives a monkeys and there is no ability to escalate an issue, THEY JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!