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    Constant No Signal

    I see, I appologize then, didn't realize there were two different no signal colors. It is indeed green. That being said, is there any reason why there would be no signal at all? As I already stated, my software is up to date and my cables are all in the correct places (I've watched multiple tutorial videos to ensure they were placed correctly, and looked at the guide on the main Roxio site.)
  2. Austyboy

    Constant No Signal

    I recently purchased a Roxio HD Pro Capture Card and I have been trying to capture game play on my Xbox One for awhile now. I have all the cables in the right places, my software is up to date and yet no matter what I do when I open the capture window it just says no signal. I have tried multiple different T.Vs, switched the cables around to make sure they are in the proper place, and have even tried two separate capture cards (Mine and one belonging to a friend) to ensure that there wasn't just an issue with my capture card, and I always end up with the same no signal message. If I could please get some support with this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.