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    Log File Upload

    ok i couldnt use revo because it was never successfully installed i only downloaded the setup file. i just deleted it and emptied recycle bin and did all the other steps you said and im still having the same problem it gets stuck while installing.here is a screen shot of where it gets stuck
  2. HollowTipz

    Log File Upload

    i got the free trial for revo uninstaller pro. how do i put it in moderate mode?i cant find any roxio files through the program
  3. HollowTipz

    Log File Upload

    ok i will try this. now i never plugged the rgc device to my computer when installing, should i have tried that?
  4. HollowTipz

    Log File Upload

    jim hardin said i need to upload it. im having problem with install when i go to install game capture hd pro from the online download link suport gave me it gets stuck in a loop right at the start with Status:installing Net v4.0 the progress bar never moves
  5. HollowTipz

    Log File Upload

    my logROXIO_SETUP.zip
  6. HollowTipz

    Lost Cd

    i lost my cd and contacted support a bout a week ago but still no reply. how long does it usually take for a reply this is ridiculous im tired of checking back everyday