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    Roxio Video Capture Usb

    I have same problem I upgrade my 2009 to Creator NXT 4 and use Roxio video Capture USB , not able do the job . I use my Video file capture before burn a dvd some file only has music and no video , any one have idea how to correct it?
  2. I had a Roxio creator 2009 and also Roxio capture USB and upgrade to Roxio NXT4 in December. I have been use the old 2009 software capture DVD and also LD and save to my hard drive, works very good never has problem,. but the new software I load to my window 10- 64 bits computer, did not work well at all , the composite Video capture has different speed, and the sound are crack, and the video signal are most of the part are missing . any one may able to help fix this problem. Boby