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    Downloaded Missing Files

    It all ok I found it finally Cheers, was in a folder they downloaded but not in the downloads folder but in root c:\ All is well cheers for your help George
  2. DrChip

    Downloaded Missing Files

    Its got me beat can't find that anywhere in downloads on my computer or on their site
  3. DrChip

    Downloaded Missing Files

    Ok Thanks will have a look I just down loaded from the link they supplied Cheers George
  4. G'day I just purchased Creator NXT Pro4, was an upgrade It states that included in the bundle I also get HDR Express and Paint shop Pro?? Have the serial numbers for them but no software was downloaded ??? Can anyone shine a light please? Also tried to log in to tech support, when I logged in as existing client (which I know I am) it said my email wasn't on record but when I went to register as a new user it states that I am??? Totally confused now, it really shouldn't be this hard. George South Bunbury Western Australia