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    Vhs To Dvd Pro 3, Change Working Directory?

    I have a 60GB SSD. I have 15GB now. It was 6GB. I found a hidden file that was 9GB. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have VHS to DVD Pro 3 installed and working just fine. I installed it specifying that the Record directory is on a different drive. The issue I have now is when I go to burn a DVD I get an error that there isn't enough room to create / compile the video. Which means that the 'working directory' is still on the C:\ drive where the software is installed. 1. How can I change where the working directory is? I want it to be on the same drive where the videos are. 2. Can this be done without uninstalling and reinstalling the software? Thanks.
  3. Fishingman

    Vhs To Dvd Pro 3, Change Working Directory?

    Ok, thanks.
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    Vhs To Dvd Pro 3, Change Working Directory?

    W7 Home.
  5. Fishingman

    Vhs To Dvd Pro 3, Change Working Directory?

    I have a small SSD for the OS. Also my \windows\winsxs folder is huge (35GB) and disk cleanup doesn't reduce it by much. (-5GB).
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    Stuck At 97%

    This should be a known issue to Roxio. I have the same issue. I burn a video to a DVD and when it gets to 97% it just hangs there. The DVD drive lite just continually flashes. There's no way to interrupt it. A couple updates ago you could open and then close the DVD drive and it would finish, now that doesn't even work. I give it 15 to 20 minutes at the 97%. Then I close the program which will eventually release the drive. The DVD is closed and works just fine. Best I can trace the problem to is a bug in Roxio's software when talking to the DVD drive. I find it's not 100% compatible with the current SATA / RAID controllers. If you revert to an older SATA / RAID controller software version, the Roxio software will work a bit better. However it probably won't totally fix it.
  7. Hello, I use Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus on Windows 7 Home. I have made videos for a few years. Now when I go to make a DVD I get the error Please insert a recordable DVD. In the selection it shows my DVD drive, if I hit the eject button it opens the DVD. Sometimes when I use the eject button and the drive opens and then closes it will show that there's a blank disc ready for recording. But then it changes back to the insert a disc after 5 seconds. Searching the forum I installed the suggested drive update/fix, it didn't help. Even tho I'm using Win 7 my version of VHS to DVD is updated to the latest update which includes the Win10 drivers. How do I get the VHS to DVD software to acknowledge that there is a blank DVD disc in the drive? PS. I'm posting this here because there isn't anyway for me to create a new post on any of the forums. I can only reply. I don't know why.