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  1. Ordered and received a physical (DVD) copy of Toast 14 Pro. But the inside jacket contained a serial number (under "Toast 14 Serial Number" header) that is for Creator NXT 4, NOT Toast 14. Obviously the app would not run. I attempted to contact the Corel Support first by Chat (no one answered), then tried to submit a ticket (worked after many tries, but no response). Eventually I received an e-mail from the support site giving me a valid serial number. I wonder how many Creator NXT4 buyers are getting Toast 14 Pro serial numbers with their DVDs!
  2. Bill Strohm

    Novice Needs Help Adding Music To Video Dvd

    I'm a "Toast Novice." Success with creating data DVDs and video DVDs, but no experience editing videos. A friend has home-movie DVDs with no sound. She would like (me) to add some of her music selections to the videos and burn new DVDs with audio. Can I do this in Toast 12.1? I have that app, but cannot find a cookbook for adding her music to the uploaded video files, and then formatting the video/music files so that audio will play when her new DVDs are played. If I can do that, where do I find the info on how to do it? (Have read the User Manual PDF, but not much help there.) Thanks for reading! ---- Bill