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    Roxio Gc Hd Pro Disconnects Itself

    I always have my laptop plugged in while using it at all. I have my battery settings on "High Performance" so it favors Performance rather than saving battery. I'm not sure how to check how much MA my laptop's USB port has. Usually when it's working fine it says "Input: HDMI/ Status: Ready" When I disconnect it, it usually says "Status: No Signal" While "No Signal" is highlighted in Green.
  2. Jett

    Roxio Gc Hd Pro Disconnects Itself

    For some reason my roxio gc hd pro likes to disconnect itself randomly, when i plug something into/out of my laptop it makes a noise that signifies something has been plugged in/out. 90% of the time when i plug the HD PRO inside a usb port into my laptop it makes the "plugged in" noise then immediately after makes the "plugged out noise" and it'dd end up making my screen turn black, I've had no other problems with the HD PRO as it is an exceptionally good game capture device, the only problem that seems to really be ruining it is what i'm discussing about, it's ruining my experience with the HD PRO, i've tried using other usb ports on the laptop and even tried a completely different laptop and it still does the same thing. Also, if it disconnects itself too many times it'll end up crashing my laptop which is something else that's really annoying, no matter where i set the GC device, whether it's on the floor or on a surface, no matter how solid and firm I plug in all the cables, it keeps on disconnecting itself randomly, sometimes when i'm relieved about it actually working properly, 5-10 minutes into recording something it'll disconnect itself and i'll have to start all over, everything else I have ever plugged into this laptop works perfectly fine without disconnecting itself at all, so I just don't understand why the roxio hd pro does it, does it have a faulty usb cable? Because i've only had this gamecap hd pro for about a week. Perfectly fine, except for the fact that it annoyingly disconnects itself and sometimes crashes my laptop.