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    Photo Suite Roxio Nxt

    Thanks to all for the information - I will try Paint Shop think I'll need some tutoring though. I'm just so comfortable with Roxio Photo Suite, ah well learning is good... Thanks again Penny
  2. I am restoring old pictures that are in pretty bad shape - many scratchs etc. The scratch removal tool does absolutely nothing - other tools work. Could I have installed incorrectly? Thank you for any help. One more thing - just out of curiousity - are Roxio and Corel merging? Why is Corel Paint Shop included with Roxio NXT? Seems redundant. Penny
  3. Can you edit a photo in Paintshop Pro 4x then use it in a Videowave production? So far I have not been able to. After editing in Paintshop Pro4x I save it in the same format as the original (a .tiff format) with a different name. But when I try to include it in a videowave production the new file name is not listed. When I try to open it Photosuite the file shows but does not open. There is no error reported - it just does not open. When I installed Creator NXT I did not uninstall Creator 10 - could this be the problem. Or are the two programs incompatible? Thanks Penny
  4. Penny

    Paint Shop Pro

    Does Paint Shop replace Photo Suite in Roxio Creator NXT? Or is it an extra photo editing program?
  5. When I have the red/white/yellow rca connectors connected. I get audio and video. But if I change the rca video connector to the S-video connection, I only get audio and yes I changed the option from composite to s-video. any ideas?
  6. I am using RC2010 with Roxio video capture device. It is connected to a VCR with composite video and audio out connections - all works fine. The VCR also has a s-video connection but when I try to use this connection I only get audio. I am only trying to use the S-Video because I thought it gave better results. Any suggestions? Thanks. Penny
  7. Thanks so much for the info - it helped alot! Penny
  8. Thankyou for the information. Do you think the upgrade to 2010 is worth it? I have read about the new features - but its hard to tell. Would like some input from someone who is using Creator 2010. Thanks again Penny
  9. Can I finish partially completed Video Wave projects started in EC9 in Creator 2010? Thanks for your help Penny
  10. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    I Thankyou, My Husband Thanks you and my dog Thanks you! Have a great Thanksgiving!
  11. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    Two more questions and I will not bother you - for a while anyway! You do not use the Roxio Backup or Backup my pc? and do you think I should upgrade to Easy Media Creator 10? If I did, would the work I have done in EMC 9 be compatible? Guess that 3 questions - Thanks, Penny
  12. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    Sorry I didn't get back yesterday. Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Any way - I do defrag, I use Windows defrag and Auslogics, it is faster. Regarding the C:\Documents and Settings\{your_login_name}\Local Settings\Temp there seems to be alot going on that file. Lots of files - OsVista Migration check - don't know where that came from - I ran it once just to see if I could use Vista on this computer. Now it apparently runs everyday. How come Windows Disk Cleanup does not clean C:\Documents and Settings\{your_login_name}\Local Settings\Temp? Kind of scary to delete everything in that temp file - it has set up files for my ATI Video Card and Lan updates. Boy the more ya know the dumber I feel! Another question - in one of the posts I read on this forum (can't remember who it was) They were explaning to someone how they had partitoned their Boot Drive © installed WINXP on their C: Drive Partition and then installed Roxio on their D partition of the Boot Drive. I didn't know you could do that. I thought all programs had to be on C. Thanks for any info Penny
  13. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    I'm Back............. Well did as you said - and tried to open in videowave - it didn't work. In a last ditch effort I moved the WMM file to my D Partition, and Walla! it worked, videowave even opened the origial avi file (not put thru WMM) after I moved it to D. Oh joy! Don't know why it worked or why I even thought to move it to D but I don't care - it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all your time and effort - we practically spent all day together - I really appreciate it! Put a raincoat on that new computer when your granchild's around. Penny
  14. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    Sorry to hear about your drowned computer. Good luck with the new one. I will try the Windows Movie Maker idea, again. You do know I've captured this video from my VCR right? Not a Video camera. If videowave is supposed read AVI why can't it just read the one I recorded? I'll let you know. Thank you for your patience and sticking with me Penny
  15. Penny

    Slow Editing in Video Wave

    Ok Mark - i brought the avi file into Windows Movie Maker it was fine - but I do not see any option to export it. So I saved it to a DV file and tried to open it into Video wave. No go - Video wave says it is not a supported format or the file is corrupted. I do not understand any of this - isn't an avi file and avi file? And if AVI is supported by Videowave why dosen't it just open it? I'm getting dizzy!