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    Can't Finalize Cd-R

    Thank you for your advice and explanations. I burnt a new CD (this time using Roxio from the start) and it worked just fine.
  2. justburnmycdplease

    Can't Finalize Cd-R

    I'm not sure if this is exactly the right sub-forum because I'm using Roxio Creator Silver 10 which didn't show up in any of the sub-forums, and this was the closest I could guess. I burned a couple files onto a CD-R just using the built in Windows 7 drag and drop functionality where just drag the files into your CD/DVD drive. The files were burnt on just fine. The only problem is that per some of my company's security requirements, I need the disk to be finalized (not just the session closed). Windows doesn't provide a way to finalize your disks, so I tried with Roxio Creator Silver 10. I inserted my disk, opened Roxio, clicked on Tools, then "Finalize Disk" I click the big button and it tells me: "Please insert an appendable data disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media." Is there a way to finalize my disk, or do I just need to get rid of this disk and write a new one? (I don't have another disk handy, so I'd really rather make this one work).