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    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Sorry for the long wait - here's an update....burned the CD in a different burner and with a different program and the "pothole had disappeared on the burned copy...I can get the name of the program if you need it. So, I'm guessing that the problem iseither in my computer or on my version of the Roxio software. Any guesses from your side?
  2. Rich Haag

    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Tracker by Mark Knopfler, selection #13 (My heart Has Never Changed)appx 35 seconds into the song. But the "pothole", as you called it, doesn't come across on the original, only the copies. If you think it'd help, I'll send you my original and a copy and you can take it from there. I can purchase another original. And thanks for your info on Terry Pratchett. I think he was the author of the Discworld series. Let me know if you want my CDs. R
  3. Rich Haag

    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Okay, here's the skinny: My friend's CD, when I burned it, had the exact same error at the exact spot. I also went back into my older burns and located an earlier burn of this same CD - and the same song had the same error - don't know why I didn't notice it at the time. Anyway, form a technocretin like myself, I don't think it's a Roxio error, it's not a commercially produced CD error (unless it's the same on every CD), it's not a blank CD error so my last option is to locate another computer with burn capabilities and attempt to burn it on that one. As an afterthought, anytime I'm confronted with something I cannot explain, I convince myself there's a little gremlin somewhere in my computer who's f---ing with me. Whaddya think?
  4. Rich Haag

    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Thanks again for the reply - I'll let you know as soon as I know something.
  5. Rich Haag

    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Brendon - thanks for answering. I've had protected discs before and they will not copy anything - it just sits there in the ICU until I remove it. So this, I think, would be a different issue - it's the only place on the entire CD that "skips" and that skip only lasts 2 seconds max. I have a friend with the same CD and he's bringing it over tomorrow to see if it does the same thing. I'll let you know what, if anything, we can surmise from this. Again, thanks. I was in Christchurch in 2012 - beautiful city even after the earthquake damage.
  6. Here's a first for me: I have a commercially recorded CD that, when I try to copy one song off of it, I get a blank spot in the newly burned CD. I've replayed the original CD and nothing untoward occurs. I've attempted the process several times with the same result: same blank spot in the same song. I've cleaned the commercial CD but that made no difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated.