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    New Setup Help?

    Well the symptoms are when I try to record my Xbox the s teen goes all grey and glitchy. However if I try to record my laptop screen it's fine??
  2. SDHD

    New Setup Help?

    Well after my old laptop working well with the Roxio HD pro then deciding not to work anymore,I'm residing to getting a new one unfortunately. I'm a complete noob when it comes to specs so could anyone tell me if this is good enough to record please and if it would be possible to edit with?if not could you please leave suggestions that are suitable under £400. Thanks http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-h30-desktop-pc-intel-core-i3-4gb-ram-1tb-black/p2277210 I'm not exactly looking to buy it from there but I just saw the model
  3. SDHD

    Help Needed?

    I'm downloading the ones suggested for my laptop by acer for Chipset IO drivers BIOS not sure if they'll impact anything but I looked for what u suggested and nothing was there
  4. SDHD

    Help Needed?

    No updates were done to any components.but if I record my actual laptop without any programs running it works.thrn I try my Xbox and when the screen moves the slightest bit the grey part appears Is it possible to use something like an external cpu or processor?? Appreciate the help
  5. SDHD

    Help Needed?

    I have factory reset my laptop but that was after the glitching .
  6. SDHD

    Help Needed?

    well ive been using this to record fine gameplay with for like the past 3 weeks but sinve about last week whenver i tried to record the preview would be all grey patched and glitchy.I dont knw if its my laptop and im a complete scrub with techincal terms but ive put my computer on max perofmance but it might just be my cpu.However i dont know how as ive been recording fine for a while... laptop specs: acer aspire e5 511-c6j9 intel celeron processor n2830 up to 2.41 GHz 4 GB DDR3 L Memeory any help would be appreciated i was thinking of maybe an external cpu/gfx card? any suggestions will be appreciated but my max budget is really like £65-sorry
  7. SDHD

    How To Record 1080P?

    I'm trying to record in 1080p but the option isn't there only 720p And it has changed the definition on my tv aswell I think