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  1. Mine only has a 16:9 option like Jim's. I installed the same service packs as well. Either way, I have figured out part of what's causing this issue. If I place a 60fps video in a project alone, it will render in 60fps if I choose the "same as original" option. If I place a 30fps video chronologically after the 60fps video, it will still render at 60. If I place a 30fps BEFORE the 60fps clip at the beginning of the project, it will only convert up to 30fps. So now I am just going to use Sony Vegas to render as it allows for the placement of videos anywhere in the project without affecting output. Thank you all for your help!
  2. It does have the HD in there and indeed it does have an HDMI port. http://imgur.com/JPxjusL
  3. First off, thank you for the quick response, it is truly appreciated! Now, the main problem I am seeing is that I do not have the same options as you do in my VideoWave http://imgur.com/1bU7nMJ and http://imgur.com/D9p01db Sorry but I was unable to attach the pictures directly. I tried updating the program to see if maybe that is why I had different options but there is no new update apparently.
  4. Hi everybody. When trying to export a project with both 30fps clips and 60fps clips, it always renders at 30fps. How can I export my project at 60fps? The first clip (my intro) is 30fps and about 10 seconds, the clips after it are gameplay clips captured at 720p/60fps on the Roxio. Any help would be appreciated.