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  1. Sorry 4 the miss understanding .. I have roxio central, roxio creator nxt pro. The registration key or product key or key codes what ever its called letters and numbers that adds up in a digit series .... These are the numbers/letters with out them the program won't install I have them already from my roxio profile account . I'm not sure if i saved it on my system or if is even in the backup I had to reinstall my windows 8 because it was running slow and freezing up that's typical 4 computers with virus. So in do so i had to start from a clean system all files deleted because i couldn't save them @ any rate i don't have it now and i was looking for a way to reinstall it that is roxio central and roxio creator nxt pro.. This was the reason why i was looking 4 a link that i could just run the link and when it ask for the key i can use it no problem Thanks 4 the response in advance
  2. Hi I was wondering how do i reinstall Roxio Creator when i purchased it on line and I can't get a reply back on how to get a link that i can reinstall. I already have codes but having the codes without a link to install is no good i need a link can so one advise me on that thanks in advance