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    1080P Dont Work [Xbox One]

    Omg now its working.... the !@#%ing solution is to set the resolution to hdmi and then from 640x480 to 720p then to 1080p.......
  2. CryTecNo

    1080P Dont Work [Xbox One]

    Yeah but i cant select 1080p if i select 1080p it automaticly jumps to 720p back in the display settings from the xbox one
  3. CryTecNo

    1080P Dont Work [Xbox One]

    Hello, I cant record in 1080 on the xbox one. if i set the resolution in the xbox one to manual it change the resolution to 640x480. But i cant select another Resolution. In the Automatic mode its only 720p.... but i want to play in 1080p.