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  1. Ya I've done that already, no picture on monitor.
  2. Yup, did everything by the book, including the official video demos. What I have to do is leave the HDMI cable plugged into PS3, change the output settings, screen goes blank, I unplug the HDMI cable from PS3 and plug it into converter, but nothing.
  3. Yeah the HDMI straight from PS3 to Monitor works. It doesn't work going from component > converter > monitor, I get a blank screen. The Game Capture states No Signal...all the time.
  4. The only input source is HDMI on the monitor. I've tried every output setting on the PS3, I have to switch between using the HDMI cable in the PS3 messing around with output settings there then unplugging the HDMI cable from the PS into the converter, but the monitor goes blank then. This is the converter I'm using; http://www.lindy.ie/component-video-audio-to-hdmi-converter-p6779
  5. Thanks for that, I'll try your suggestions when I get home...
  6. I don't know what your point is... I can't do the steps on the guide because I'm using a monitor. I'm using a converter box with external power going to monitor but no picture.
  7. Yeah the set up looks like that exactly. Should I change settings on the PS3 first (with hdmi cable plugged back into PS), then plug the HDMI cable back into the converter box? I've tried making changes but still nothing on the monitor.
  8. Correct, standard
  9. I have the guide, problem is it's a guide for connecting to a TV with AV inputs etc. I'm just wondering why it won't display on the monitor with the converter box?
  10. Hi, I recently bought this for my son, so I'm a bit unsure about the technical aspects! He uses a Samsung monitor with a HDMI input only. I bought the necessary component cables for the PS3 and also a component & audio to HDMI converter. So the map is something like this; Component & Audio in > PS3 Component & Audio out > HDMI converter HDMI converter > HDMI input on monitor I'm getting no luck with this set up. Where am I going wrong? Any help greatly appreciated, or else my 11 year old will not be happy! Thanks!