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  1. With newly purchased NXT 4, I was able to successfully complete one production via Export and MY DVD. Now, I want to complete a second different Production, and have successfully exported as .avi, but when I click on NEW DVD, I get message "could not find a part of path to G:\VIDEO\Chorale". This is the path to my first, now completed production, on an external hard drive. I ran REPAIR under SETUP but did not clear up problem. I then completely uninstalled NXT 4 with REVO UNINSTALLER PRO (including all references in registry) and reinstalled NXT 4. Still have same error message. How can I erase the ghost of my first, and so far, only successful DVD? Windows 7 64 bit. Lots of memory and disk storage space. Help!
  2. I recently purchased NXT 4. Have created a video that I want to burn to DVD without menu or chapters. I have saved production. Then tried EXPORT which resulted in very slow 1:1 rendering and then didn't allow me to burn to DVD. What do I need to do once the production is finished and saved to produce a DVD to play on normal DVD player?
  3. Sorry Jim. I was trying to rename after they had been added to the story board. Looks as though I have to rename after adding to the media selector before bringing down to the story board.
  4. Thanks Jim. In the media selector, showing all the scenes, when I right click on any of them, there is no option to "Rename". What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am editing a video of a chorale concert, filmed on two successive days. On storyboard, even with 21 inch monitor, the 20 +- scenes all look alike, i.e. a group of singers and a director. I need to put the songs in the correct order. The only way I can identify between them is to play the audio enough to identify the song. In a former editing program, possible windows movie maker, I was able to put a text label under each scene, which did not show up on replay, but made it a snap to arrange the clips and choose between two shootings of the same song in order to pick the better of the two. I hope that there is a way to do this with NXT-4. Help.
  6. My older video camera captured everything in one continuous file. Therefore, I may have several hours of takes from which I want to make a 30 minute show. I do run auto scene detection and do get the scenes showing up in media selector. When I select the scenes I want, they are highlighted. I think, in older software I used to drag them down to the story board. I guess I better try Guru's suggestion and hit OPEN instead of trying to drag the scenes down. Thank you. Will try this as soon as I have a break in my schedule.
  7. The story board shows one icon, which contains the entire, UN-scene selected file. I do see the individual scenes in the media detector on the right side of my screen, but can not move them down to the story board. I gave up on this quite a while ago and only just now discovered the forum. My terminology suffers from having not looked at the program for quite some time. My new camera records individual scenes on a card. Consequently, I have only worked with files from the new camera over the past many months. However, I have many hours of valuable unedited tapes that I would like to run scene detection and selection on and produce several shows. Your help is most appreciated.
  8. I can capture hour + mini 8 tape, or avi file, select auto scene detection, which creates the scenes, which show up on right hand side of screen, but can not move the the scenes, that I want to use, down to the story board. Whole tape shows as first and only scene on the story board or time line. I used to be able to do it with earlier versions of Creator, but have not tried in a long time. What have I forgotten to do?