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    Video Feed Issues W/ Roxio + Xbox + Obs

    Hey Guys, Let me preface this by saying my issue may likely be an OBS or setup problem so I may be wasting my "breath" with this post, but I really am at my wits end with this so figured I'd give in and consult you guys to try and figure out the problem. I PC game as well as on the Xbox One, but the problem I'm having now is with the Xbox. I currently have the RGC hooked up to my Xbox One through HDMI, USB to my desktop, and HDMI out to my TV. Now when I open up the Roxio software and select capture, I can see my Xbox dashboard, so thus far the RGC is obviously doing what its supposed to as I have audio and everything. Its from this point forward where I have issues, and maybe this is in fact a question for another board. Its at this stage I open OBS, and no matter what source I try (window capture, monitor capture), I get no feed in the picture window. The "dashboard" from the Roxio software appears in the OBS capture, but in the video window, the feed is just black and its as if there is an open window there, ie. if I move the OBS app box around I can see "through" the video window. I realize that this sounds like an OBS problem and not a Roxio problem, but this only happens when using the Roxio, as I can record just fine using OBS w/o the RGC when pc gaming. The other issue is that due to a bad back, my pc is hooked up to my TV, so this is also being done via the same video device. So in other words, could another problem be that while the RGC has no problem seeing the video feed from my Xbox on the other input (HDMI 2) of my TV, could that somehow be causing an issue when bringing in another level of encoding(?) when launching OBS and thus, bringing yet another video source into the equation? Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated, even if it is to tell me that it does in fact NOT sound like a Roxio problem, as that will eliminate the main part of the equation since it is my sons to begin with. I'm just ready to say the hell with it and go back to just playing the games! Thank You ~Snuffed