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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am researching the pin differences. Maybe get another PCI card with 6-pin to 6-pin as soon as I can find one. However, I have been able to capture through the Windows program the VHS movie. Then I used Roxio to pop out the color, do some other adjustments on the old videos, convert them to avi and then burned the captured movies to a DVD.
  2. My PCI firewire card is a IEEE-1394a 6 pin to 4 pin cable it states on the sepcification sheet. Canopus ADVC110's IEEE 1394 firewire cable is a 6 pin-6 pin. So I do not know if that is the issue. If the computer's plug in card takes a 6 pine cable, I do not know if the 4 pin reference is addressing that the card gets 4 pin input. I downloaded Windows Essentials and only installed the PhotoGallery which captures Videos. I captured my video from the VHS tape using it. Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3; I tried using the Capture Video icon on the Home screen but it kept giving me the error window I listed in my first post. My older software with Roxio did capture video fine through the Canopus on my old computer. At one time I even had a Canopus internal capture card but it went bad which caused me to get the external Canopus device I have now. I think before I got the new computer, which is less than a year old, I had NXT Pro 3 on my old computer using Windows 8.1. Do not know if any of this information will help. But any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will check firewire out. I was able to capture using Windows Media program. I will make sure I am in NXT 3 for future posting.
  4. I have used previous Roxio products to capture VHS using my Canopus ADVC110 in the past. MYDVD is one that I recall and I think I also had an older version of Creator. I do not recall if I had issues with the Roxio Creator NXT because I may not have used it. I have not done a VHS capture in sometime and certainly not with my new computer which is Windows 10 and 64-bit. The computer recognizes the Canopus in the firewire ports but Roxio will not capture. I have tried the VHS capture making sure the Canopus device is in Analog mode and even tried it in Digital mode. The Canopus device has a button to change the modes which have lights to show the mode status. I even tried to capture a DVD I made of a vacation. I have a new combo DVD/VHS player because my old ones stopped ejecting the VHS tapes. Repair cost more than just getting a new unit The new combo was hooked up to a TV and it the unit does play. Roxio error window when trying to capture shows; "Failed to setup system components for showing picture or sound." I do not know what the issue is. If anyone can offer some advice to help me resolve the issue it would be greatly appreciated. The computer has a firewire card and I have used each port outside the computer as well as the port inside the computer on the card. My old computer had a sound card that had a firewire port. I am not sure that makes a difference.