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  1. Hi, everybody. I am recently facing a "missing certificate" problem with my EASY CD & DVD burning software which used to work OK in the past, on my desktop HP PC on Windows 7 X 64. I followed some suggestions in the forum about cleaning the registry, trying to reinstall the software, disenabling the Norton antivirus, but I am still receiving the "missing certificate note" when I try to run the program. I have seen that you developed a "repair license C 2011" software tool in a zip form which could be fount at www.dutran.co and which supposedly deals with this type of problem, but when I click on the link, I cannot find such a zip file in there. I also tried to find any ROXIO folder under my Program files//common files//Microsoft shared area, where normally the certificate should be, so as to replace it with the one that I can find on the CD that came with the software, but there was nothing in there. Please, help !! [My PC characteristics are: HP Pavilion Elite HPE 367c-b, Wnidows 7 x 64 SP1, intel core i7 860 processor @2.80 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 970 graphics card]. Konstantinos