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    Separating Movie Clips

    Thank you so much!!!! Will do that now. I appreciate this.
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    Separating Movie Clips

    Hi, Never did I ever feel this technically challenged in my life…. I need help!! I'm in the middle converting all my Hi8 and JVC tapes to DVD's using the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for MAC. I've done a couple of them and so far it's been fine. I am trying to figure out how to split the video into two separate videos once it finished loading to my mac. I am aware that i could have hit the pause button during the video capture while it was transferring over then started a new one but I got distracted and it is a really long video - I would hate to do this all over again if there is something easier, which I'm sure there is. Also, and this is the reason I'm asking, my DVD's only hold 120 minutes of video so the need to split them is warranted. Im not tech savvy and would really appreciate some help. If anyone knows of a good tutorial - I've searched and this is forum is my last hope. What should I do? Sincerely, Jersey Girl
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    Separating Movie Clips

    Sorry, Im new to this too. Where did you move it to so I know where to post my next issue? Sadly, I know I'll have one.