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  1. I always like to view extensions and once in a great while uncheck the "hide protected file" when doing some trouble shooting. I am seeing some codec issues with older and new files that I am working around. What examples are you referring to above as "Any video converter"?
  2. The problem is not with the extension but VOB files themselves (I'm guessing) . The problem DVDs were created with old Sonic MYDVD06 and RecordNow7. ALL DVD's play on my TV DVD, but the OLD DVD's won't play on my computer w/ VLC software. When I rename the old VOB files to .mpg I can play them perfecting with Windows Media Player. The files have a problem in VideoWave , but as you can see from my last post they can only be displayed in MYDVD. Right now I can cast ALL video files to my FireTV which is what I wanted to do. So technically I am satisfied at this point. If I could find another software to convert the renamed files to a true .mpg I might be able to edit or update them in VideoWave?
  3. Don't know is this closer or weirder to a solution. Copied the DVD folders and renamed the VTS_02_1.VOB (which is the SlideShow file) to VTS_02_1.mpg The file then plays OK with Windows Media but still locks up with VLC player. When I tried bringing in the file into VideoWave the file still has the split screen when transitioning to the next picture. I then brought the same file into MyDvd . When I viewed the file on the left it played fine. When I played back the file on the top right the transitions locked up with the split images? At this point if I could change the video to 4:3 I could stream the files to my TV.
  4. The SlideShow Folder on the DVDs contain the .jpg files. The DVDs in question were created with old Sonic Software RecordNow7 or MyDVD06 (Year 2003 or 2004). The back-up files on the hard drive are very different from Creator and NXT. All DVDs play fine on our TV's DVD which I thought would make this easy. So at this point I am going to let it go because I am assuming the source files are incompatible.
  5. Yes All DVD's have the Video_TS folder with ifo, bup, vob extensions. BUT the DVDs that have slideshows that lock up also have a folder called Slideshow. As you can see from above I have used several Sonic/Roxio products that might be the issue. Also wondering if it is a Window 10 / QuickTime is the issue????? I am trying to get away from DVDs and go to Video streaming so I want to convert my old DVDs.
  6. Yes Just tried a few in our BlueRay DVD player.
  7. Yes I copied the folders from the DVD to a folder on my desktop. It still does the same thing with all old (pre ntx3)slide shows. The videos convert with no problems.
  8. When I open the old DVD (.DVD) with VLC the Slide Show images freeze and just plays the music (Video plays OK). When I VIEW the files in NTX7 the clip plays OK. But when I play back the converted video each frame is split in half with the next picture.
  9. I have old DVD's that have Slide Shows and Videos that were either created with MyDVD 06 or Creator 2012. I have no problems with the Video files, BUT the Slide Shows hang up transitioning from picture to picture, splitting them in half. On later DVD's where I used NTX3 they convert OK? Jim
  10. 1. I had upgraded from creator 12 to NXT4 but did not like how limited I was with MYDVD. I was able to downgrade to NXT3 which I am very happy with (MYDVD). 2. The only Windows update I have listed above was KB3126587. I removed it but still get "corel videostudio" Prepare Record Failed!!! #50
  11. I have NXT3 and have not use used "Record Your Screen" in a couple of months, I am now getting the following error "corel videostudio Prepare Record Failed!!! #50 What's up
  12. JSJR

    Why Dumb Down Mydvd?

    With Creator 2012 MYDVD, I had a checkbox in the settings that would allow me to play all/several clips without returning to the main menu. Now with NXT4, I have to select each clip from the main menu to play the next one. Is there a similar setting with NXT4?
  13. JSJR

    Dmsm Files Not Viewable

    Upgraded from Creator 12 to NXT4. I am getting the impression I have to go back to Creator 12 and export all my video and slideshow files in video format before I can use NXT4. This would been nice to know before wasting a lot of time. Is this my best option?