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  1. On a brand new PC running Windows MCE 2005, I tried to install Creator 8. After the CD installation is complete and upon reboot, once I start Creator 8 i get the following: "Error 1706. No valid source could be found for the product DAO. The Windows installer cannot continue." Another window pops up asking for the source location of dao.msi. I have searched my hard drive and the CD for this file and cannot find it. Note: The title states Doa.msi. It should be Dao.msi. It seems there's a problem with ATI's DAO / MDAC installer and Roxio. If you remove the DAO application from Windows (Control Panel / Add Remove Programs...), this problem will go away. But, you won't be able to use the Library feature of ATI's Multimedia Center application.
  2. Thanks. It seems removing DAO also upsets ATI's TrueVector program. At least, it gave me a windows error after the uninstall. I did the Search as you suggested. The solution for me was to download the DAO / MDAC update from ATI's website, then run the install to create the /ATI/Support directory. Then, I reran the install program in the /Support directory (which UNINSTALLED the DAO program) and noted the directory where the program put the dao.msi file (for me, it was Documents and Settings / Jim / Local Settings / Temp / _is1A7. I copied the files to a different directory, then reran the DAO / MDAC to install DAO, then copied the dao.msi files to the folder Creator is looking for when I get the error message. Whew. There may be an easier way, but this worked. Also, I noted that when I installed MS Office, it said I had an earlier version of Access and recommended I delete it and update it with the latest version. I did not have any Office applications, so I think this too is related to ATI's DAO.msi file screwup.