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    What roxio CD, DVD, & Blu-ray burning program works best with "iMac 5K 3.5 GHz Intel core i5 2017 year & High Sierra" I would appreciate any help or advice. I presently own Titanium 14, but it will not load onto this computer. Gives me an error code 1743388673. I have know understanding of this code or its meaning. dvd, that work best with iMac desktop 5K 3.5GHz Intel core i5
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    Toast 14 Problem

    I use toast 14, it appears to me that toast will produce often 3 dvd's and stop. I have reinstalled the product 14 plus time and I get 3 dvd's and need to install the product and start over again. What a Problem!!!. Their are problems with toast software that causes all the problems they need to fix their software or quit selling software. SGH