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    Toast 12.1 Is Crashing On Me

    No tips from the group yet, but I'm adding a symptom. iDVD is having no problems with crashing while encoding and burning. So it seems that toast is the problem. I wonder if I could get around this by finding a copy of toast titanium 12.0. I saw a note in the discussions by someone who had no problems with toast 12 until he(she) updated 12 to 12.1
  2. John Rock

    Toast 12.1 Is Crashing On Me

    I haven't had much trouble with Toast 12.1 (except once when my iTunes directory was corrupted). I've made 4-5 Video DVD's with homemade material and YouTube material and have done just fine. Now it crashes after just 2-3 minutes, long before starting to burn - usually crashes when encoding. It will crash while encoding not just one certain file (I've substituted with no benefit). All my material is on a large partition (700GB-which is NOT on the boot disk). Has anyone else had a similar problem and solved it?