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  1. Just bought the sonic DVD so I could transfer my PS3 to a disc and when downloading a message stated I needed DirectX 8 or later to function completely but I have DirectX version 11-2 but it still is doing nothing...any help
  2. irishgirl

    Sonic Dvd For Photo Story 3 Error

    Thanks digital guru its for the Windows photo story 3 ...not very TECNO minded and am doing a slide show for my parents anniversary anyhow the only way I could save it I was told was by buying the Roxio sonic DVD for photo story but am getting NO WHERE (what a waste of money/time ) my computer is Windows 10(I think vista ) bought it last night and have uninstalled and reinstalled but still no luck Thanks for your help I'll just put it down to a bad decision and not enough research ...
  3. Bought sonic DVD for photo story 3 shows error that product needs DirectX8 or later but already have DirectX version 11-2 need Help Please