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    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    But... will NXT 3 version work with Windows 10 ? And why isn't there a better instructions book? (If you want to call the notes as being "What to do"!!!)
  2. With Roxio creator 10, I was about to put together a DVD again for he 4th time with Jpeg pix and music background for those who have passed on for high school reunions. Really looked sharp. I upgraded to Windows 10 and my program will not burn DVD anymore. I was told that it was incompatible with Windows 10 so upgraded to the NXT-4. Mistake. Embarrassing now to have to tell the upcoming classes that I can't do it anymore. Lots of money down the tube. Anyone know of another program or source?
  3. Montana Dutch

    Split From - Nxt-4 And Previous Roxio Failures

    Creator 2010. In an older version of Windows. You are right ! The "free" download of Window 10 caught me. No spare 'puter. Maybe I will try to borrow an older one and again try Creator 2010... which seemed to work great. Sighhhhhhhhh