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    Save As Mp4?

    I need to transfer from Mini DV tapes (using my Panasonic camcorder) to MP4 (not to DVD). Can the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus be used to capture from Mini DV tapes? Can it be used to save as MP4 to my hard drive? Thanks!
  2. eh1

    Save As Mp4?

    I was able to transfer the video into the software, but it appears it does not allow you to save it in the MP4 format?
  3. eh1

    Save As Mp4?

    Thanks for the replies! To answer your questions: 1) I do not have a firewire port; 2) the camera is my player, but I would be connecting through an A/V out port on the camera (so isn't that an analog signal?); 3) the camera is a Panasonic PV-GS65; 4) the camera does have a USB out but that only connects the computer to the camera's SD slot, which only records still shots; 5) I've looked for Panasonic software for transferring the files, and I can't find anything, but I will check the link you sent, thanks; 6)I have Windows XP on one laptop and Windows 7 on another, but the one with 7 does not have a CD drive. Nonetheless, I went ahead and bought it -- installing it now to the XP laptop and will give it shot. I'll let you know if it works.... Thanks