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    Text Disappears In Label Creator

    When I try to edit the track titles in label creator (EMC8), I can edit the text but, when I am done editing and click "done," the text disappears. The text box remains, but the content is gone. I have researched and found no answer. I have sent the question to the on-line tech personnel, but no one answers. I am quite frustrated with the customer support for this product. Has anyone had this problem? It did not happen in an earlier version I had. Thanks.
  2. cexner@accesscomm.ca

    Audio Track Names Don't Appear

    ['Jan 5 2006, 11:32 PM' post=1348] The CD Text is part of my files. When I play these files using WMP, the track titles come up. When I burn them, they disappear. Thus, the problem is not in WMP; it is in the burning. I used EMC8 for three CDs and the track titles copied well. When I began experimenting with sound editing, all the track titles disappeared in the burning. When I check, they are still in the file. The help on-line says to indicated Write CD-Text. When I do, that does not help. Help.