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    Burn Dvd

    I never had any problem with Roxie Creator 3. Now when I am trying to create a DVD, after adding the video file from my computer, when I try to see the preview of the project, there is no audio. I didn't do anything with the project, like changing sub menu, or adding a style, absolutely nothing. Just adding a file and burning. Tried twice it did burn but without audio. now I upgraded into windows 10, the same thing. somebody, please help. thanks
  2. Armen999

    Burn Dvd

    This Creator 3 always worked fine. Now, I am trying to create a new DVD, adding the file, editing, adding title, burning, and when checking after, i see there is no audio. tried again and found no audio when before burning check the "preview" of the project. Uninstalled Roxie, installed it again, no change, the same problem, "No audio".