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    Does Not Burn A Hd Dvd.

    OK this is what's happening...when I go into Create DVD using my own movies (AVCHD) I pick the proper option (AVCHD) choose a template put one movie into it and press burn.....after 20 min depending a the length of the movie a get fail message ..... Burner State Writing Format failure reason: Project Build to device0 autoscript failed. Code 3254845656 I am using a new laptop (with all the bell and whistle) with windows 10....first time was ok but the last ten times maybe it work 3 times using the same movies.
  2. After waiting 25 min,for my movies to burn on a dvd I get this message Burner State Writting format failure. Reason: project built to device 0 autoscript failed code 3254845656. work the first time(test) never work again.