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  1. Thanks Sknis. What I'd really like is a new version of Roxio Classic Creator for Vista and Win 7. I was hoping that Easy CD & DVD Burning was something like that. I can always get a separate label program, but the CD creation and the ability to save those projects is the first goal. Having both functions working together was nice and simple. I just downloaded a bloated trial version of Easy Media Creator 9 and cannot believe the size of the thing and the mess it made of my Windows Registry. And, there were many errors during the install. So, I have to remove it and restore my registry. Taking a look at BurnAware which is probably all I need along with a label maker like you suggest.
  2. "Burning Question" get it? Sorry, LOL. I have one computer that I use for programming and to burn CD's and print CD labels. I've been using the "Classic Creator" in Easy Creator 6 for many years and it does all that I need and more. However, I'm upgrading the machine to Vista Ultimate and need something compatible with Vista. I do not need any "extras" and cannot stand bloated software. I just want to be able to create various CD projects/labels and save those "project lists" and labels to be used over and over in the future. Will this "Easy CD & DVD Burning" software do this, or will I need to purchase one of the bloated versions? Recommendations would be welcome. Thanks, Bob