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  1. LostKitten4

    No Audio In Sound Editor

    I have tried the headphone ports on each machine. They work (give out sound) when the headphones are plugged in but not for the Roxio device. My screen looks identical to the first two screen. I have selected the Roxio line in device and I have maxed out the recording volume inside Sound Editor as well as on the computer itself and in the mixer for the Roxio device. I am not getting any sound. It's not that I just can't hear it while it records, it's that is simply isn't picking up anything to record at all. If I press record with the cassette playing, let it run for a short time, and stop, not only to do I not hear anything during the recording but the only audio line on my screen is a flat brown line which translates to dead silence when "played".
  2. LostKitten4

    No Audio In Sound Editor

    I have tried 2 different ones: a Philips MC260 Micro system and a Sharp CD-C3600 Mini Component System. Both are CD and Cassette players and are in relatively good shape. I have not been able to get a sound transfer from either of them using the Roxio device, but they do work with headphones plugged in so I know the actual cassette player portion does function.
  3. LostKitten4

    No Audio In Sound Editor

    Thank you for your reply. Ok, so I checked both PC's and found "Roxio Video Capture USB" listed twice. No warning indicators that I could see and no signs of anything strange or out of place. I checked, and maxed out, the volume mixer and all the volume options both on my computer and in Sound Editor but still got no sound on either computer. I plugged a simple red-white-yellow cord (the same one I use with the Roxio device to capture VHS, for which the sound does work) into the back of the cassette player. This is plugged into the Roxio device and then the USB end is plugged into my computer. It's hooked up exactly the way the VHS gets hooked up, except for leaving the video end unplugged) I have tried all the USB ports with a mouse and thumbdrives to make sure one of them is not faulty, but they all seem to work fine.
  4. LostKitten4

    No Audio In Sound Editor

    I've got Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus installed, and have been recording video for more than a year with no problems. It still records video, with the audio, with no trouble. The problem comes when I want to record ONLY audio. Now that I'm trying to use Sound Editor to copy over my old cassettes, I can get no audio playback or recording whatsoever. I have tested the cassette player with headphones, and I get sound then, so the problem is not with the machine itself. I have tried making the Roxio line (USB input) the default device, I've maxed out the volume on the device, my computer, and inside the sound editor but I get only dead silence. The wavy sound lines also do not appear so it's clearly not getting any input at all. I have tested this on 2 separate laptops (Vista, and windows 8) to no effect. I tried an open-source audio recording program (Audible) but could not make the sound work there either. I have even tried using the VHS-DVD software to record it (though the video portion would obviously be blank) but there again I got no sound. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what's going wrong here.